An analysis of the book white butterfly by walter mosley

Oddly enough, both authors are completely different on the literary spectrum. He had the face of an ancient American, dark and wise.

White Butterfly

That was my main critique of the novel. Sweat shone across his wide forehead and his eyes became shiny slits. Daughter of a city prosecutor, Robin led a double life as Cyndi Starr, a striptease artist known as "The White Butterfly.

The little Mexican boy climbed down the tree and ran up to me with a silent smile stitched across his face. In White ButterflyRawlins aids the police with a complicated case that begins with the serial murders of three black women and ends with a white man murdering his daughter for giving birth to a black child.

He hides his covert ownership of several buildings by posing as an employee of the man who fronts for him--Mofass, the cigar-chomping, chronic-coughing "partner" who has betrayed him in the past but whom Easy has no choice but to stay with.

White Butterfly

He held out a pillowy hand. He has cultivated concealment as a method of survival in a hostile environment, a world where white men bend the rules to their own advantage and where even the closest relationships can terminate or turn violent without much warning.

The lot itself was decorated with two rusted-out Buicks that were hunkered down on broken axles in the weeds. How could I be so stupid and not bleed the whole world for a dollar and some change.

Black Betty Analysis

He couldn't take a deep breath but he felt sorry for me. The situation worsens when Easy is approached first by black policeman Quinten Naylor and then by a slew of high city officials for help in tracing a serial murderer loose in Watts.

Easy resents the sudden concern of the white officials, apathetic when the victims were black. Sweat shone across his wide forehead and his eyes became shiny slits. Married now to a woman named Regina and acting as father to two young children, Easy--the nickname carries a full load of irony--finds it hard to reveal his private thoughts and deeds to those who share his life.

It all starts when one of L. Easy and Regina are rearing two children, their infant daughter, Edna, and Jesus, a young Mexican American boy rescued by Easy in an earlier adventure. But, I will have to disagree with those critics.

How could I be so stupid and not bleed the whole world for a dollar and some change. Somebody whispered, "Third one. This was prickly period perfection.

When Roland let go of my hand he listed toward Quinten and said, "Same thing. He has only one friend he feels he can count on: The series begins in with Rawlins, newly unemployed, falling almost casually into detective work when he is asked to use his connections within the black community to find a missing white girl who sometimes spent time in Watts.

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The policemen were all at ease, smoking cigarettes and joking with the Negro gawkers. In Rawlins' world, things often turn out to be even more corrupt than they first appear. There's a side consequence of the murders when it comes to Easy's property.

Rawlins," Quinten Naylor said. I remember the softness and the underlying strength of Roland Hobbes's hand and the insect I saw perched on the woman's temple.

Book Review 28: White Butterfly by Walter Mosley

As the book opens, Rawlins and his two children are living in an integrated neighborhood in West Los Angeles, having moved out of the South Central area at the close of White Butterfly.

White Butterfly is set in a middle chapter in Easy's life; his l My friends, this is why I review. Mosley has the perfect balance between detail and action.

I yelled into the house, "I'm goin' fo' a ride with Officer Naylor. Description is better balanced in the overall scope of the book than in the The Red Death. The white coed led a double life, The white victim, however, was a college student from a respectable family.

White Butterfly follows the plot/plan of Mosley’s Easy Rawlins’ books, but they’re always page turners and White Butterfly didn’t disappoint. To me the most appealing factor of all of Mosley’s books is the description of African-American life in post WW II Los Angeles.4/5.

Walter Mosley.

White Butterfly Summary

Walter Mosley is the New York Times bestselling author of five Easy Rawlins mysteries: Devil in A Blue Dress, A Red Death, White Butterfly, Black Betty, and A Little Yellow Dog; three non-mystery novels, Blue Light, Gone Fishin', and R.

L.'s Dream; two collections of stories featuring Socrates Fortlow, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, for which he received the Anisfield Wolf Award. White Butterfly (Easy Rawlins Series #3) by Walter Mosley The police don't show up on Easy Rawlins's doorstep until the third girl dies.

It's Los Angeles,and it takes more than one murdered black girl before the cops get interested/5(3). Editions for White Butterfly: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Kindle Edition published in ), Walter Mosley was born in Los Angeles, California on January 12, He graduated from Johnson State College in Vermont.

His first book, Devil in a Blue Dress, was published inwon a John Creasy Award for best first novel, and was made into a motion picture starring Denzel Washington in 4/5(6).

Author Walter Mosley proves successful at displaying his literary talents in the mystery, White Butterfly. Readers are transfixed into the bustling life of Ezekial “Easy” Rawlins as he forges a quest for a serial killer, in this exhilarating third installment into the Easy Rawlins mystery series.4/5.

An analysis of the book white butterfly by walter mosley
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White Butterfly (Easy Rawlins #3) by Walter Mosley